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Radiant Services

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Here at Pond’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we know both heating and cooling come in all types of options and technologies. We also know when you live here in North Salt Lake, Utah, and its surrounding area, you experience the full range of temperature and weather and as a result are pretty educated on what’s out there in the heating-and-cooling world. That’s why our experts are NATE certified and continue with training and classes––to keep up with all that’s out there so we can repair and install both newer and older technology. Even though many may think radiant heat is a newer technology, it’s been around since the Romans. Of course, we aren’t that old, but we’ve been designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing radiant heat systems for decades. So if you’re considering this type of system for your home, give us a call. Whatever your needs are, we’re here.


Boilers are a wonderful way to radiant heat your home. Using hot water and steam is an environmentally clean and cost-effective type of heat. Whether you’re using radiant heat for your home’s floors or walls and ceilings, an efficient boiler can make all the difference. Our professional technicians are available to visit your home to assist you in planning your radiant heating plan. If you’d prefer to purchase a boiler without utilizing radiant heat, we’re happy to help you with that plan as well.

Solar Hot Water

So many people are turning to solar hot water. It’s a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly system of heating your water no matter where you live. There are no fossil fuels involved, so it’s amazingly clean all the way around, and the energy itself is free. If you incorporate a solar hot water system into your home and lifestyle, you will most likely find your utility bill 25 percent less. A solar hot water system typically consists of a combination of some or all of these components––solar collectors, storage and expansion tanks, pumps, main supply, hoses, water heater. Though at first glance with this list of components it may seem involved, but our professionals have installed, maintained, and repaired so many that it’s all in a day’s work to them. If you’re considering switching, give us a call. We can help you design and install this incredible water-heating system.

Radiant Circulator Pump

When you have radiant heating in your home, you will most definitely need a radiant circulator pump. Whether your radiant heating system is installed in your floors or walls and ceiling, the winding tubing pushes hot water through the maze of tubes, no matter where they’re located. It then returns the cooled water back to the heating source, most likely a boiler. But what pushes that water through the tubing? The radiant circulator pump does. Of course, this is a simplistic description, as there are many contingencies involved. What type of circulator pump you’ll need for your setup is entirely dependent on the type of design you have. Our professionals have been working in radiant heating for years and years, so they know its ins and outs. When you’re designing and installing radiant heating, call our expert technicians. They can help.

Air Elimination

In radiant heating systems, it’s critical to have an air eliminator. The majority of radiant heating systems that our professionals see and install are closed, or closed-loop, systems. This means it’s the same water pumping through the system the entire time, no new water is introduced. Even with the same water, there is still unwanted air in the system. It’s nigh impossible to get all the air bubbles out, and they can interrupt the water flow or interfere with the circulator’s operation. Neither of these are desirable. Air eliminators, like air scoops or air separators, will continually purge your radiant heating system of the unwanted air bubbles. Our professionals know which type of air eliminator your system needs. Call us when you’re planning or repairing your radiant heating system. We know how to help your system last for years and give you the comfort you’re expecting.

Expansion Tanks

Stress is never good, whether it’s daily stress in your life or stress in a radiant heating system. The goal is to prevent stress, so its damage is eliminated and your system continues in good working order. In a radiant heating system, stress can occur with hot water. Heated water expands, and, especially in a closed-loop system, there needs to be somewhere for the heated water to go. If it’s taking up more room in the tubing or pipes with nowhere to go, it can cause damage to the system or pipes. That’s where an expansion tank comes in. It’s designed to relieve the stress and give the heated water somewhere to go. Even if your radiant heating system is an open-loop system, it’s still good design to include an expansion tank. Many open systems have backflow preventers, which essentially then creates a closed-loop system. Expansion tanks help control pressure buildup, reduce your energy costs, and improve your home’s comfort. Talk with one of our NATE-certified technicians about which type of expansion tank would work best for your system, whether it’s a new installation or a replacement.

Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect water heaters are frequently used in radiant heating systems. They differ from traditional water heaters in that they don’t have their own source of heat. The majority of indirect water heaters our experts install, maintain, and repair are attached to a boiler via piping. The boiler heats the liquid or water and sends it to the indirect water heater’s internal coil. The energy transfer from the coil to the tank’s water is efficient and clean––the water in the coil and the water in the water heater never touch. The water heater can heat both the radiant heating system and all water for other hot-water needs. Indirect water heaters supply abundant hot water, have long lives, and operate at low costs. Speak with any of our professionals to discuss how an indirect water heater is right for your radiant heating system and home.

Radiant heat is one of several types of heating-and-cooling systems we at Pond’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling recommend. We’ve been in this area since the ’60s and have built a reputation on our high-quality, trusted, reliable service. Call us today at 801-381-2337 to discuss your radiant heat plans.

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